New York is not America, it is rather the mirror of the world and how it is changing; of how people are afraid of being photographed,obsessed by the privacy and at the same time the need 'to post'their images on the social networks. A look through a last century camera that make us think ... slowly




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"Addiction" is  a project of portraits in medium/large format film camera inspired by female movie characters linked to addiction of sex,drugs etc.




Memories of Unrealized

"Memories of Unrealized" the story of a not feasible  project





"Denial" is  an open project of high-end retouched portraits against the censorship of the social networks



Saintes Marie De La Mer

#LesDiariesProvençaux Camargue 2018

Secondo la leggenda Aurea ( sec. XIII ) a dare il nome al paese furono Maria Salome, Maria Jacobé e Maria Maddalena, che sarebbero arrivate in questi luoghi assieme alla serva Sara la Nera, dopo aver vagato in mare su una barca priva di remi. Dall'abitato di Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer, mentre Maddalena si sarebbe diretta verso Saint-Maximin-la-Sainte-Baume, Maria Salomé, Maria Jacobé e Sara si sarebbero stabilite vicino all'oppidum evangelizzando la regione.

belle de nuit

#LesDiariesProvençaux Arles 2018

le mirage

#LesDiariesProvençaux Saintes Marie De La Mer 2018